Multi Color Screen Printing Workshop

Come on in and learn how to hand screen print a 2-3 color poster!

3 days, 3 hour Classes   $150

This is going to be a fun course.  We will be going step by step to create your very own multi color screen printed poster.   Over the course of 3 days you will learn the basic principles and process to create a poster with your own art.  If you are not inclined to do your own design we can have a fun image ready for you.  In the end, you will have your very own screen printed poster.  We will run a small edition (multiple copies) on different types of paper so you can have some to sell or give away to friends and family. As well as talk about ways to make your own press and set up a work station in your own living space.  To add to the fun we will offer a matting and framing class at a later date if you would like to learn how to do that.  And to add even more fun we are planning a group art show at a later date to all those who took the course so you can display it to the public and possibly sell your prints!
You’ll be on your way to become the next big screen printing artist!!  Hooray!!

Start with your image sized and ready.

Next is to layout the press sheet for pre press and films.

Then we teach how to separate the colors for each different screen.

We are now ready to make the screens and once they are burned we get ready for printing.

We go in to detail on how this works but will be done outside of class due to equipment restraints and to reserve the time to get you printing.

If you’ve been yearning how to screen print don’t miss out this workshop, you will gain the knowledge to create your own posters in the comfort of your own home.

Class schedule, course syllabus, dates and registration coming soon.

First timers Josh Becker (left) and Carlos Dye (right).  Judging by their smiles I think they had a good time.